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Kamaz is a worldwide distributor of construction vehicles. The brand has a long history because the first vehicle was produced in 1976. Production takes place in 9 factories located also outside Russia, and the minority shareholder of the company is Mercedes. Kamaz Polska is responsible for sales and distribution of the vehicles in Poland.


The biggest challenge was to combine many processes taking place in the Polish branch. First of all, it is selling, stock and vehicles service. It was necessary to create a precise map of the processes, as the system, apart from collecting requests and generating offers, was also to be responsible for remaining functions, such as management of orders, services, stock, targets, commissions, generating financial statistics, integration with the calendar or task management.


Kamaz Polska needed a versatile application that could be used by sales representatives of the company. We have responded to this challenge and created a system that facilitates work and allows for controlling requests from customers. Thanks to our solution, it is possible to generate offers of vehicles with current commission calculation. The offers are linked with the car stock. What is important, the system can also be used by service technicians, as they have access to the history of serviced vehicles and current valuation of the works.

Course of cooperation


Po sporządzeniu audytu zapoznaliśmy się z wyzwaniami firmy. W związku z prężnym rozwojem przedsiębiorstwa, musieliśmy wziąć pod uwagę wszystkie procesy, które aktualnie zachodzą w firmie, a także te, które będą realizowane w przyszłości przez Kamaz Polska.


On the basis of presented assumptions a detailed specification has been created.


We have prepared a functional model. At the same time, we started programming the core of the application. Each module of the functional model was discussed at weekly meetings with the sales director, board member and employees. In result, a complete map of processes as the basis for further work has been prepared.


All parts of the functional model have been designed, coded and connected to the back-end part.


The next stage was internal testing. In order to verify the accuracy of the data, a trial version which was used by Kamaz employees was also available.


After the analysis and taking into account all the comments, the application has been installed and implemented for commercial use.


Sales funnel

Ultimate Systems - Kamaz

Most important system functions:

Lejek sprzedazowy

All offer requests are shown in the funnel. The requests are categorized according to the advancement of sales and talks with the customer. They are automatically assigned to a sales representative according to the location factor. It is important that every sales representative sees only their own leads. From the sales funnel level is also possible to generate offers. Once generated, the offer is automatically attached to the mail program built into the sales funnel. This enables the employee and sales director to control the history of contacts and arrangements with the customer. Importantly, in the event of the employee's sudden absence, it is possible that the offer is taken over by another person from the company. The funnel is linked to the calendar and notifications. Every activity, in the form of phone calls, emails and meetings, which will be recorded in the funnel, appears automatically in the calendar and notifications.


Benefits for customer:

Zarzadzanie wszystkimi leadami i sledzenie postepow

Management of all leads and progress tracking.

Przydzielanie i delegowanie zadan

Allocation and delegation of tasks.

Automatyczne obliczanie prowizji przy generowaniu oferty

Automatic calculation of commissions when generating an offer.

Generowanie statystyk sprzedazowych

Generating sales statistics.

Mozliwosci ustawiania celow sprzedazowych, a takze ich rozliczanie

Setting and reporting sales targets.

Sledzenie postepow zamowien

Tracking the progress of orders.

Zarzadzanie stanami magazynowymi

Inventory management.

Polaczenie z systemem do fakturowania

Linking to the invoicing system.

Technologies used:











Type Script

type Script





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