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FreeWalkative Tour is one of the largest foundations organizing free walking tours for tourists. It operates in ten cities: Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań, Toruń, Lviv, Lublin, Łódź and Zakopane. FreeWalkative Tour organizes several thousand tours a month.


The company employs over 100 tour guides who conduct dozens of tours every day. Organising the work plan of the tour guides was extremely difficult because it was done by a single person. This person allocated tours on the basis of the availability reported by the candidates for the whole coming month and according to an individual multiplier, in order to maintain a fair allocation. It was an extremely tedious process, so every month the person whose task was to create the tour guides’ time- schedule spent 7 working days assigning the tour guides to specific tours. Calculated on a yearly basis, it consumed 3 months of work. The Free Walkative Tour wished to automate this process, which we helped them to do. We have created a system for managing the tour guides and tours.


Implementation of a system for automatic generation of time-schedules with advanced algorithms.

Ultimate Systems - FreeWalking

Course of cooperation:


The owners have presented their problem to us. We have made a detailed analysis of the company's operations and all its processes. Thanks to this, we were able to prepare a system that will facilitate the work of staff on various positions.


We have prepared a detailed specification of the system operation with functional models.


After fine-tuning and accepting the models and specifications we have prepared a graphic design.


The core (back-end) of the system was created at the same time. After the front-end, i.e. coded views, was prepared we combined the system components together.


We have run detailed tests for functionality, performance and security. After their successful completion, we put the system into operation.


All cooperation was carried out in accordance with the SCRUM method. The customer was receiving the system extended with new functions in two weeks intervals.


Availability and time-schedule generation

Most important system functions:


A tour guide, after logging in to the panel, can set his or her availability for the next few months. The tour guide can also see the availability of other tour guides and, in case of absence, can ask a selected person to replace or substitute them. The time-schedule is generated after the availability of the tour guides is set. When generating the time-schedule, the system first takes into account the availability and priority principle.

Benefits for customer:

oszczednosc trzech miesiecy pracy w skali roku, osoby odpowiedzialnej za zarzadzanie wycieczkami

oszczędność trzech miesięcy pracy w skali roku, osoby odpowiedzialnej za zarządzanie wycieczkami

oszczedność finansowa

oszczędność finansowa

zadowolenie pracownikow

zadowolenie pracowników

wyprzedzenie konkurencji

wyprzedzenie konkurencji

optymalizacja pracy firmy

optymalizacja pracy firmy

czytelny kalendarz wycieczek

czytelny kalendarz wycieczek

mozliwosc szybkiego znalezienia zastepstwa dla przewodnikow

możliwość szybkiego znalezienia zastępstwa dla przewodników

mozliwosc kontroli aktualnych dzialan pracownikow

możliwość kontroli aktualnych działań pracowników

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