Estimating the cost of application. What factors affect the costs mostly?

Are you intending to create an application and do not know what the costs will be? Do you want to know the price without providing any details? The price depends on many factors. To understand where the calculation come from, a few key points have been prepared which are taken into account when estimating project costs. I hope that with this article I will bring closer and clarify this issue, which only seems very simple.

1. Technology - programming language

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Programming language is important for the final project costs. The choice of language depends on the purpose and scale of the project. If there are no recommendations in the language selection brief, this issue should be well discussed with the team of developers, as it will be of great importance for the application development possibilities. The choice of programming language is dictated by the final purpose of the product (project).

Generally, for smaller projects where the scale, number of users and commercial use are smaller, Software House will propose a cheaper language, probably PHP, but if the client thinks about his product in the future, he should choose a language that has greater development possibilities, better performance and scalability of the project . Initial costs may be greater, but…

2. Functionalities - scope of work

Undoubtedly, this is a decisive factor that affects the time needed to complete the project, and therfore the costs. When preparing the assumptions for the implementation of the application, one should consider whether all the functionalities listed in the brief are necessary to launch the product on the market?

The assumptions should be discussed with a potential contractor or commissioned to an external company (depending on the complexity of the functionality).

The initial assumptions will not always include the final shape of the project. Many times, after talking with the Employer and presenting other solutions, it turns out that the same effect can be achieved with a much cheaper solution.

In order to reduce the initial costs, you can consider the implementation of the MVP (minimum viable product) version, in other words, a product with minimal functionalities that can then be developed.

3. Integration with external API

The subject is often complex and significantly influences the costs of project implementation. Most of the available internet solutions on the market have so-called API (application programming interface) with which you can connect and integrate between two applications. Depending on the API documentation, the integration can be as fast and pleasant as summer rain or long and dark as a journey into the unknown;)

There are many features of a well-crafted API. Without going into the subject in great detail, because it is suitable for a separate thread. The quality of API preparation is directly proportional to the time and cost of integration.

4. Tests

Tests are an inherent and necessary point in the implementation of any project. There are two types of tests. Unit and automatic tests. Well-conducted tests affect the quality of the implemented application and the comfort of its use by the end user. Tests are performed at every stage of the project implementation and before the test version is delivered.

5. UX & UI project

User experience is the initial stage of creating a project. We precede each project with a functional model. It is nothing more than a fully functional application skeleton after which we can fully click and predict each utility scenario. After accepting the functional mock-up, the user goes to the interface design, and then nothing else than cooperation between designers and programmers to give a fully functional and ready-to-use product.

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6. Web application or mobile application?

It is worth considering whether we need a mobile application at the initial stage of implementation? Or maybe a web application is enough? Mobile application unfortunately, but it is expensive. The price depends on the technology in which it will be implemented and what functionalities are to be included in it.

A good alternative is a web application adapted to the responsive version. Such a solution will allow us to fully use and enjoy all functionalities, and when there is a business justification for creating a mobile application, you can proceed to implementation.

7. Maintenance and development costs.

Products that are often being developed, starting from the point of view of diagnostics and technological development. It should be jointly and severally maintained that a working application requires a constant service in terms of updating and updating the framework, security and internet updates, etc.


To sum up, the final valuation has many factors that should be carefully consulted with the potential Contractor. When choosing a contractor, take many factors and check what the company has to offer, compare only the price without asking for details, it can lead to disappointment at the implementation stage.

It is worth being inquisitive and detailed as the price is only the tip of the iceberg.

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