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The IT solution with the greatest potential for development and adaptation to the company's needs. It is best compared to sewing a suit to size. We feel perfect in such tailored clothes, we don't need any alterations, and we enjoy walking in it. It's the same with Open Source systems. They are characterized by adjustment to the individual needs of the company. Open Source systems work faster and more efficiently, because they do not contain "thousand" hidden functions that only a few daredevils use. The interface designed for the system is also very important because it is intuitive and transparent.

What are the key benefits of Open Source solutions?

Realization process

From the very beginning, the most important people from the contracting company, who have a real impact on the functioning and final appearance of the system, participate in the IT system implementation process. They know the company's weaknesses and needs, therefore they will finally receive a product that meets the assumptions and requirements. Thanks to that, after the implementation of the IT system, their work will be efficient and the users do not have to wait a thousand and one functions in search of the necessary information.


Is a dedicated solution more expensive? I know from experience that it doesn't have to be more expensive. It depends how we look at it. What do we mean by a more expensive system? Is it only zero-one money spent on software purchases? Do we look at the long term and take into account the savings associated with more effective work management in software tailored to our needs and development strategy? Did you realize that the cost of implementing employees in a dedicated solution is cheaper and easier? Why? Because employees participate from the very beginning of the application development. Already at the first stages of design, they come into contact with the interface. If an employee is involved in the development of an application, he identifies with it. He is the best implementer in the company. If there is even the slightest resistance of the matter against using the program among other team members, then such a person has a greater credit of trust in the contracting company and will quickly help other people to implement.

Lead time

It should be taken into account that the implementation of dedicated IT applications and solutions requires more time than ready-made solutions implemented in the SaaS system. It is time devoted not only to writing code, but also to audit, business strategy, assumptions, functional mock-up, projects, programming, tests and installations. There are cases where ready-made solutions need to be adapted and some functionalities changed. In this case, the time may be comparable to the implementation of dedicated solutions, or slightly shorter.


Contact with the contractor is direct and faster. We are not concerned about helplines, contact forms or sales representatives who do not have decision-making and sufficient knowledge. They only act as intermediaries as it is in the case of SaaS solutions.


If you want to develop, such a solution is safer because we can develop the application and we do not depend on only one contractor. The license is transferred to the client who can sell and modify the software to suit his needs.

To better illustrate the differences between the development of Open Source and SaaS, I will use an example. I once encountered a situation in which a client used a SaaS solution. When asked about changes and adaptation to the needs of the ready-made software, he received an answer from the licensor that the earliest possible meeting to discuss the needs in 4 months. Why did the contractor provide such a time? Because the business model of SaaS solutions is focused on “boxed” sales and economies of scale, not modification and customization.

Data safety

Is Open Source Safer Than SaaS? In both cases, data security may be equally high. The difference is data storage. To simplify, in an Open Source solution, all financial, confidential information etc. we can store them on our servers and only we have access to them, and in the case of SaaS solutions, the company that grants us the license.


This is an undoubted advantage of Open Source solutions because it can integrate with any system on the market.

Why is Open Source an advantage over SaaS?

In many cases, there are no ready-made solutions available, or those that do not meet the basic assumptions and require many modifications. We live in times of many changes, in which technological innovations implemented into our lives appear with incredible dynamics and speed. If we want to go against the competition, stay ahead of the competition and win customers, we are forced to create a dedicated application. It is also an amazing advantage as we gain opportunities to grow and scale. We can adopt the system for new carriers and commercialize sales to individual customers. Unfortunately, ready-made solutions do not have such possibilities, and the path of development depends on the licensor, not the ordering party.

Which companies most often use dedicated solutions?

Companies aware of their needs. Focused on development and continuous improvement of efficiency. They know that it is an investment that will translate into better process management and efficient work over time. In times of a shortage of qualified employees in the labor market, companies focus on improving and automating processes, as it is an advantage over the competition. Overall, it translates into financial savings and, in the long run, brings more tangible benefits.

We are a company specializing in writing dedicated solutions for the company's strategies. Our experience and knowledge are the advantage over the competition. The projects are preceded by consultations, audits and a development strategy. We support companies at every stage of development. Where others end up, we kick off for good. Our work does not end with implementation. We develop the software we have created and grow together with the ordering parties, being a strong business partner for them.

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