Advantages of NextJS

NextJS is a framework constructed on a basis of React for programmers, who care about high positioning of their application in the search results of the browser, and also about very good optimisation of the constructed system. It is used by big brands like Netflix, TikTok or Twitch, but also by smaller companies (e.g. “single page” application), which shows that framework can be used in many cases.

The biggest advantages of using NextJS, which will enable you to write a well-optimised application, are listed below.

Server side rendering

It is a functionality that allows an application to render a page on the server and then send the rendered HTML to the client. Once the JavaScript is initiated on the client side (known as “Hydration”), the page is ready to be used by the client.

Static site generator

Instead of rendering page every time, we can render it only once- during the first compilation of the project. Building an application then takes longer, but with static content we can keep it in cache.

Image optimisation

Images on websites often take much storage which the application needs to run. “<img>” tag was replaced by embedded “<Image>” tag. Images enlarge automatically in regard to a screen, which comes with compression of a file. In addition, there are built-in features like preloader, which appears when the image fails to load.

Search Engine Optimization with NextJS

Thanks to the possibilities of pre-rendering subpages in NextJS described above, pages are easily accessible to web crawler bots. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important to the businesses because websites are positioned higher in search results.

Users click more often on websites that are at the top in results, which brings profits for the business.

According to statistics from, the first option in search results is clicked on almost four times more often than the third, which in business world makes a significant difference and can influence on the profits of a company.

So if you want your new project to be SEO-friendly and faster than a standard React app, NextJS is a framework you need.